We did it – landmark victory for pub goers and beer drinkers!

On November 19, 2014



Yesterday, CAMRA members like you helped defeat the Government in a crucial Parliamentary vote that will secure the future of the Great British Pub. This landmark victory saw the Government defeated by 284 votes to 259 as MPs from all parties voted to introduce a market rent only option for licensees tied to the big pub companies.

Achieving this will help spell the end of pubco licensees being forced out of business through high rents and tied product prices. The family brewers (who generally treat their licensees fairly) will not be affected.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the 8000 of you who lobbied your local MP over the past weeks to help make it happen. Together we achieved the first Coalition Government defeat on one of their own Bills!

You can find out how your MP voted here. If they voted “aye”, perhaps you could email them to say thank you for being a pub hero?

Thanks again – we hope you’ll enjoy a pint in a local pub tonight to celebrate!


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