Protect your Pub!

List Your Local Logo FinalIf you enjoy your local pub you can now help to protect it from developers by listing it as an ‘Asset of Community Value’. This means that Bromsgrove and Redditch District Councils will recognise that the pub is noted as being important to the local community; and shows that local people have rallied together to safeguard the future of the pub. It means that property developers who are keen for a hassle-free purchase are less likely to show interest; and it also allows more  time for local communities to explore options to save the pub.

Through the Localism Act, the government has introduced new powers for communities in England to nominate valued facilities such as pubs. It only takes 21 signatures from people living in the local area to be considered as a community. If the council agrees to list the pub, it adds a further level of protection as the listed status of a pub will be taken into consideration in a planning application if the pub is threatened with conversion for another use.

Volunteer members of Redditch & Bromsgrove CAMRA are already working together with local people to list The Cross in Finstall and The Hop Pole in Bromsgrove.

The Dodford Inn near Bromsgrove has been listed with the assistance of their parish council.

If you do decide to list your local, or would like to support Redditch and Bromsgrove CAMRA in listing pubs, please do get in touch! There is more guidance on the nomination process on the national CAMRA website; to find out more, please click on the pub sign at the top of the page for a link. For pubs in the Bromsgrove district of the branch, there is now an official nomination process on the Bromsgrove District Council website 

So please help us to list your local to help protect pubs against planning applications.