Good Beer Guide Nominations

This month we’ll be starting our selection process for selecting pubs for the next edition (2020) of the Good Beer Guide.

Pubs are selected on the scores they receive throughout the year, so make sure you’ve uploaded all your scores in the next week or two so that they are counted.

Pub & Club of The Year Nominations

We’ll be shortlisting pubs and clubs for our Pub of The Year and Club of the Year competitions at this month’s Branch Social at The Boat & Railway in Stoke Works on Tuesday 27th November.

Get your nominations in either by email to or on the night at the meeting.

Once we have narrowed down the nominations to a shortlist of 4 pubs and 4 clubs we’ll arrange for judging teams to visit each pub and club score them on a set of criteria to decide who the winners are.

If you’d like to get involved in the judging process (only qualification is that you drink and can tick boxes), let me know at

Gez Quinn