RambaleWelcome to our RambAle section! These pages explore country walks in our branch area that swing by a variety of pubs that serve real ale. As a branch we run these walks up to four times a year; and we’ve listed these walks below for your own perusal. If you’d like to join us on our next walk, please visit our branch diary page for details.

We’ve tried to keep our walks as rural as possible without the walker having to re-trace their steps too much as they explore each area. A good compass is recommended as it’s easy to become dis-orientated when following the country footpaths; and the directions in each walk do rely heavily on compass bearings to ensure that you follow the right path. Please use common sense and make sure that you are equipped and prepared appropriately for the great British weather; and remember to take care when crossing fields containing livestock and when travelling on country lanes.

Green_dragonAll of our walks are circular and use a local pub as a base point. If you use the pub’s car park then please be courteous and do give the premises your custom. All of the pubs listed in our walks are listed on whatpub.com; and clicking on the pub’s name will bring up a complete listing of the venue. If there is a particular feature that you are looking for such as opening hours or food service times then we recommend that you confirm details to avoid disappointment.

DSCF0063As well as directions; we have also digitally mapped our walks and clicking on the map of each walk will take you to a zoom-able map where you can explore the area in more detail. Here, you can also print the maps; or download them to a smartphone or satellite navigation device if you prefer (use the export button on the left-hand side of the screen). Please note that sometimes the GPS can be inaccurate by a few feet; so please use your eyes rather than your ears and don’t walk into the canal just because the device told you to! You may also like to refer to Ordnance Survey Explorer Maps 204, 210 and 220, which covers the whole of the Redditch & Bromsgrove CAMRA branch area and beyond.

Our walks follow countryside public footpaths which are clearly marked on Ordnance Survey Maps; but sometimes public rights of way do get changed. When you’re out and about, if you do find any information that needs updating, then please do let us know!

056We hope you find these pages useful and have a great time on your RambAle!

DISCLAIMER: These walks and related items are provided ‘as is’. Thus no liability, consequential or otherwise, arising from them is accepted.

RambAle 1: Stoke Pound and Sharpway Gate

This walk visits six pubs and follows the Worcester and Birmingham canal. There are a series of small inclines through the fields in Sharpway Gate, then the route re-joins the canal towpath for a steady incline back towards the Queen’s Head (approx. 6 miles).

RambAle 2: Catshill and Fairfield

This walk surrounds the village of Fairfield in Worcestershire, and passes through Bournheath and Wildmoor. The route involves a series of level fields, though there is a small uphill incline through the woods followed by a sharp stepped downhill footpath (approx. 7 miles).

042RambAle 3: Feckenham & Callow Hill

This walk explores the countryside between Redditch and Feckenham, visiting the Feckenham Falls along the way. It passes through a series of fields in a steady descent before reaching the village; then slowly climbs through another set of fields to return to Redditch via a series of urban footpaths (approx. 9 miles).

RambAle 4: The Ridgeway

This walk explores the ridge boundary between Warwickshire and Worcestershire, taking in six real ale pubs along the way. The walk is a steady decline into the village of Sambourne, then climbs back up the ridge and passes through Astwood Bank (approx. 8 miles).

RambAle 5: Chaddesley Corbett & Shenstone

This walk explores the villages of Chaddesley Corbett, Shenstone and Harvington. The walk is mostly flat, though there is a low-rising incline as you approach Shenstone (approx. 8 miles).

DSCF0050RambAle 6: Clent Hills

This walk tours the village of Clent and explores the Clent Hills, allowing excellent views of the Black Country. The path to the summit is quite steep, though the walk becomes much flatter after descending from the viewpoint (approx. 7 miles).

RambAle 7: Worcester & Birmingham Canal

This walk features the Worcester and Birmingham canal, and passes through the villages of Barnt Green and Alvechurch. There are some small inclines but on the whole the paths are fairly easy going (approx. 8 miles).

RambAle 8: Upton Warren

This walk passes through Wychbold and Stoke Prior while exploring the surrounding farmland. There is a slow incline between Upton Warren and the Hanbury Turn; but on the whole the paths are fairly easy going apart from the steps crossing the railway bridges (approx. 7 miles).

Watch this space for future walks! If you’d like to suggest one, please e-mail paul(at)rb.camra.org.uk.