RambAle 5: Chaddesley Corbett and Shenstone

route5Distance: 7¾ miles/12½ km. Allow 2½ hours (excluding pub stops).

Starting and finishing venue: Talbot, Chaddesley Corbett DY10 4SA.

This walk explores the villages of Chaddesley Corbett, Shenstone and Harvington. The walk is mostly flat, though there is a low-rising incline as you pass through Shenstone.

Head south on Briar Hill, then take the first lane on your left. Pass by the allotments on your left, then follow the track east alongside a field. At the end of the field, follow the path south alongside the same field and into an adjourning field. You will pass a large pond on your left followed by a garden centre on your right as you merge onto the main road. Turn right and follow the road around the bend to reach the Fox Inn, a restaurant pub that hosts a popular carvery and up to three real ales. Please note that it’s just over two miles to our next pub!

003Cross the road and bear south, then at the bend continue south onto Fox Lane. Cross the stile on your right, then bear south-west through the field and across Hockley Brook. The footpath then merges onto the grounds of Chaddesley Corbett Cricket Club. Head towards the clubhouse then exit through the car park, then continue south-west onto Cakebole Lane. Pass a triangular junction on your left, and then continue west until you reach the next building on your right. Bear north-east onto a track which runs between two fields, then at the end of the field turn left and follow the footpath alongside the hedgerow to the north-east. The footpath will pass alongside a second smaller field before turning south alongside the brow of a hill. Head west to the end of the field, then bear north up the hill until you reach a stile on your left. Cross the road and follow the footpath in front of you to the north-east, keeping the hedgerows on your left. At the end of this field bear north alongside the fence, then join the lane and follow it round to the left. At the end of this lane turn right and follow the road down the hill to reach the Plough at Shenstone, a Bathams pub which serves cobs and pork pies.

Follow the lane to the north-west, and then take the second road on the right, bearing directly north. When the lane opens out alongside a field, cross the stile on your left and bear west across the field. Cross the stile in the corner of the field to bear directly into the grounds of the Hare & Hounds and Shenstone, which serves up to four real ales from the Worcestershire Brewery.

004Cross the main road and turn left, then turn right onto Butts Lane and bear north. When you come to a turning on your right, enter the field in front of you and bear north on the footpath. Continue in this direction and bear left to pass through a farmyard, then continue north to re-emerge onto Butts Lane. Turn right and follow the lane to its end then cross the main road and turn right. Pass St. Mary’s church then take the first footpath on your left, bearing north-east alongside the outside of the church grounds. The footpath will then bear to the east, passing the outer walls of Stone House Cottage Nurseries and alongside some woodland. Continue to follow the outskirts of the woods until you reach a fork in the woodland that overstretches the field. Turn left and follow the footpath directly north and down into the woods. The path will cross over a brook then ascend into another field alongside a neatly planted row of trees. Continue on this footpath until you reach a footpath signposted on your left, but do not enter this new field. Instead turn right and bear south-east directly across the same field you have been following. When you reach the hedgerow on the opposite side, bear south down the hill. The footpath will follow the brook then will curve to the east towards the main road. Cross the stile in the left-hand corner then turn left to find the Dog Inn at Harvington, a Marstons pub that is popular with diners and serves up to three real ales.

IMG_0791Head south on the A450 then turn left onto Dark Lane. Bear east, passing a cluster of houses on your left and follow the lane. If you would like to visit Harvington Hall, continue to follow the lane and bear south-east into the grounds. We recommend that you visit their website for details of opening times. Otherwise, look for a footpath on your left which bears directly north alongside a field. Follow this track as it bends to the right and runs alongside the grounds of Harvington Farm. Please note that there is a private road which prevents you from walking directly through the grounds of Harvington Hall to gain access to this footpath. Continue on this track as it reaches a hedgerow, then turns left and bears north-east. Look for a gap on your right that bears east on a footpath between two fields; the footpath is signposted but is hiding on the opposite side of the hedgerow. A small group of steps leading down a hill will mark your way. Continue on a gradual south-east bearing on this footpath alongside a field; the footpath will slowly climb through a series of gates alongside a second field, then will bear directly across a third field, passing a telegraph pole directly in front of you. When you reach the opposite of this field, turn left and bear north-east alongside a farmhouse to merge onto a road named The Holloway. Turn right and walk downhill bearing south to the junction, then turn right again and continue to bear south onto Briar Hill. The road will cross over Hockley Brook then you will find the Swan in front of you on your right, a Bathams pub which also has a separate restaurant.

IMG_0912Bear south on Briar Hill to return to the Talbot, it’s just a stone’s throw away! This half-timbered historic inn serves up to two real ales from the Marstons range and meals are available lunchtimes and evenings.